Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories is filled with many fusion monsters, but which of them are the strongest?


Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories marked the first time that this trading card game appeared on a home console in America in video game form. This was also the first time it twisted its rules. This trò chơi brought many mechanics that aren’t present in the original trading card game, & if that wasn’t enough, it also nerfed all effect trùm cuối cards to the point where all boss cards had no effects or abilities.

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The game"s most interesting mechanic, that as of today is still chất lượng to this title, is the ability lớn fuse any boss khủng cards to lớn obtain an even stronger boss khủng without using a Polymerization card. Khổng lồ help you take on this game, we’re going to lớn show you the 10 strongest fusion monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories.

Updated on November 3rd, 2020 by Patrick Mocella: Despite its many shortcomings and possibly the most frustrating RNG in a Yu-Gi-Oh trò chơi ever, Forbidden Memories still rings the nostalgia bell for many fans. Players will need all the help they can get in this game as most monsters you win from opponents will not be enough to lớn win you the game. With that in mind, we added a few more monsters that should help you giảm giá with some of the early and middle portions of the game. Never forget the golden rule of this trò chơi though: when in doubt, fuse for Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon.


Although there are many great ways to lớn fuse into Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, it"s possible that you won"t have enough dragons in the early stages of the game to vày it. In this case, you might want to create a Kaminari Attack instead.

This 1900 ATK/1400 DEF quái thú can be created easily by fusing together a Thunder quái nhân with a Spellcaster monster. The Spellcaster or the Thunder monster has lớn have at least 1500 ATK though.


No, you aren"t looking at a shiny version of Mammoth Graveyard (one of Yugi"s signature cards from Duelist Kingdom). That quái vật in the middle is indeed Great Mammoth Of Goldfine, a 2200 ATK behemoth that you will see the CPU use quite often in the mid to late game.

Thankfully you can create it yourself with a combination of a Mammoth Graveyard and another Zombie type monster. While this quái nhân isn"t too strong in the end game, he"s good to have in the early and middle stretch.


Only in Yu-Gi-Oh could a pumpkin with a single unblinking eye exist. Utilized most famously by Bonz in the anime, this Zombie thẻ isn"t as good in this trò chơi due lớn the lack of effects, but he"s a decently powerful 1850 ATK/ 2000 DEF Zombie monster.

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Even better, he"s simple khổng lồ create in the early stages of the game. All you need to do is fuse together a Plant type quái nhân with a Zombie type monster.


Ushi Oni is not just an extremely buff looking bull genie, but also a powerful thẻ to use in the early stages of the game when strong monsters are tough to lớn create.

With an ATK of 2150 and DEF of 1950, this card will almost guarantee the defeat of any opponent in the first Ancient Egypt portion (except for Villager 3 & perhaps Seto). Lớn create this card, you must fuse a Pot/Jar quái nhân (has lớn have either word in the name) along with a spellcaster type monster. Be warned that since many spellcasters are female, you can mistakenly create Mystical Sand.

The ultimate boss symbolizing the friendship of Yugi và Joey in the anime, black Skull dragon is the fusion between two of their best monsters: the Red-Eyes đen Dragon and Summoned Skull.

While this creature is super-powerful, it is not worth making due khổng lồ how rare/difficult lớn fuse the monsters are. However, if you really want lớn jump through those hoops, you simply need to fuse the two monsters together. No substitutes work here as it"s one of the rare fusions in the game to follow the real-life card"s materials.

You can obtain this card by fusing a Thunder and a Dragon-type trùm cuối as long as one of them has less than 1600 ATK. Its base components are really easy to obtain, as cards like Bolt Penguin and Petit long are very common in the early game.

Although its stats aren"t exactly high, this long won this spot because he can also fuse himself with another dragon khổng lồ obtain the second most powerful fusion thẻ in the game, but we"ll get to that.

This trio of good bois will gladly help you during the first encounters of Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, as they have good ATK & DEF values và are very easy to lớn fusion summon. Fun fact: For some reason this card was localized as ‘Flame Cerebrus’ instead of ‘Flame Cerberus.’

Many of the cards included in your first deck are weak Beast & Pyro-type cards, so you can even start fusion summoning this thẻ as soon as you start your first duel.

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This witch is the only human-like fusion thẻ good enough to be on this list. It can save you during the early game, as the cards it needs are easy khổng lồ gather. This boss khủng card also has a special summon condition that you can take advantage of.

It can be summoned by fusing a Fairy or a female quái vật card with a Rock-type monster. If you’re wondering what vì chưng we mean by ‘female quái dị card’, well, it’s exactly that, a trùm cuối card that features a female character, lượt thích a Witch of the đen Forest or a Warrior of Tradition card.

If you’re centering your build around Fire-type monsters during your Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories playthrough, then this will be one of your best cards to lớn summon. It has pretty decent stats & it can be very powerful during the earlier duels of the game.

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It’s a pretty easy thẻ to fusion summon, as you only need lớn fuse any Pyro-type card with a Winged-Beast, as long as one of them has 1300 ATK or more. These types aren’t exactly common fusion material as most of the time you will be fusing dragons together, so it won’t be that hard to lớn find spare cards lớn fuse together.

If you’ve seen the anime then you’ll definitely recognize this card. This was one of Joey’s most powerful cards during the earlier seasons of the original anime. It is also one of the most useful fusions in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories.

You can fusion summon this thẻ by fusing any Dragon-type quái vật with a Time Wizard. It has pretty decent stats, & since there are a lot of dragons in this trò chơi it won’t be that hard to fusion summon.

Summoned Skull is one of the most recognized cards of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, as it was featured in many prominent battles during the earlier seasons of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. It has decent attack and defense stats, and it’s a nice card to fusion summon if you want a strong Fiend-type or Dark attribute card on your field.

The only way khổng lồ summon this thẻ is by fusing a Fiend-type quái thú with a Job-Change Mirror card. Although it has high stats, it still needs a specific card to fusion summon, so it won’t be that easy to play.

The stone rồng is a neat fusion monster to summon if you want lớn get defensive, as its 2300 DEF can stall you the game for a moment if you"re in a pinch. Its attack isn"t exactly high, but can be useful once you’ve turned the tables.

You can obtain it by fusing a Dragon-type quái nhân with a Rock one, as long both of them have less than 2000 ATK. This means that you can just fuse extremely weak cards together khổng lồ obtain it, like a Petit long with an Ancient jar.

This thẻ isn’t exactly all that powerful at later stages of the games, but it will be the one that carries you during the earlier duels. You can obtain it by fusing a Plant và a Dragon trùm cuối as long as they have less than 2000 ATK.

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You pretty much insta-win the trò chơi whenever you drop it with the earlier duelists of the game. Since it is a Dragon-type monster, you can also fuse it with a Thunder-type boss khủng to obtain an even stronger fusion monster.

If you were looking for the strongest fusion thẻ that can be summoned early in the game, look no further. The Twin-Headed Thunder dragon can be summoned by fusing a Thunder-type quái nhân with a Dragon-type monster, as long as one of them has more than 1600 ATK.

You can even fuse weak Thunder và Dragon cards to obtain a regular Thunder Dragon, and then fuse it with another dragon to lớn obtain a Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon. This is a simple fusion thẻ that will win you games during the early và mid-stages of the game.

This quái dị card is the strongest fusion thẻ in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories. You can obtain it by fusing a Meteor Dragon & a Red-Eyes black Dragon.

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This is a card that you probably won’t see that much until you’ve grinded enough, as its base components are rare and kind of pricey on their own. Nonetheless, it is a very powerful quái thú that is able khổng lồ equip some of the most powerful magic cards.