Fixed: Unknown Usb Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) In Win10


In this post, we will explain the possible solutions khổng lồ fix the Unknown USB Device (Descriptor Request Failed) error. USB Device Descriptor contains information about the USB devices. This information helps Windows identify the connected USB devices. When the USB Device Descriptor malfunctions or gets corrupted, Windows could not identify the connected USB devices. In this case, the following error message is displayed on the screen:Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

The Devices and Hardware troubleshooter tool in Windows 10 helps fix the hardware-related issues. Hence, running this tool may eliminate the “Unknown USB Device Descriptor Request Failed” error. You may find the Hardware & Devices troubleshooter tool missing the Windows Settings app. Hence, to launch it, you have to type the following command in the Command Prompt and hit Enter.msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

4> Disable other USB device drivers one by one

First, connect your USB device with another computer. If the device is working properly on that computer, it is possible that another USB driver has malfunctioned and is creating trouble. If this is the case with you, you can disable all the USB device drivers under the Universal Serial Bus Controller one by one and check if it solves the issue or not.The steps to bởi this are simple. Please follow the instructions below:
Right-click on the Start menu và select Device Manager.Scroll down the list & double-click on the Universal Serial Bus Controllers node to lớn expand it.Now, right-click on the USB device drivers and select Disable device.After disabling each USB device driver, check if the issue is solved or not.

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5> Reinstall the Universal Serial Bus Controllers

The Universal Serial Bus Controller allows a computer to communicate with the connected USB devices. You can try uninstalling và reinstalling the controllers.The instructions below will guide you on how to bởi it:Launch the Device Manager.Expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers node. You will see a danh mục of USB controllers under this item.Right-click on each USB controller và select the Uninstall device option.After uninstalling all the controllers, restart your computer.When the Windows restart, it will search for the hardware changes automatically và reinstall all the USB controllers that you have uninstalled.Now, kiểm tra whether the issue is solved or not.

6> Update USB Root Hub

If reinstalling the USB Controllers did not work, you can try updating the USB Root Hub. Follow the instructions below:Launch the Device Manager.Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers node.Right-click on the USB Root Hub and select Update driver.Select the Search automatically for drivers option. After that Windows will tìm kiếm for the latest version & install it on your system.Check if this solves your issue or not.If it does not work, right-click on the USB Hub again và select Update driver. Now, this time, you have to select the Browse my computers from drivers option. After that, select the Let me pick from the menu of available drivers option và then choose the Generic USB Hub (if available) from the các mục displayed. Now, click Next and follow the on-screen instructions. After the installation gets completed, restart your system.Hopefully, this should fix the error.

7> Install the latest chipset drivers from your motherboard manufacturer’s website

If the above solutions did not solve your issue, try installing the latest chipset drivers from your motherboard manufacturer’s website. The steps for the same are as follows:Launch the Device Manager.Select your device driver that is creating trouble. You can identify it with a yellow exclamation icon.Once you find it, right-click on it và select Uninstall device.Now, visit your motherboard manufacturer’s trang web and tải về the latest chipset driver. If the file is downloaded in the zip format, extract it and mở cửa the extracted folder.After that, double-click on the installation file & follow the on-screen instructions khổng lồ install the driver.

8> Disable the Selective Suspend feature

When Windows finds a particular USB device inactive for a specific time, it suspends the USB port to lớn which that device is connected. This property of Windows 10 is called Selective Suspend. By doing this, Windows saves nguồn consumption of the laptop battery.
Sometimes, users experience some errors due to this feature. Hence, disabling the Selective Suspend feature may fix the issue. We have listed the steps for the same below:Launch the Control Panel.Make sure that Category is selected in the View by mode. Click on the Hardware và Sound option.Now, click Power Options.Click on the Choose when to turn off the display. You will find this option on the left pane.Click Change advanced power settings.A new window will open. Scroll down the list and expand the USB settings node.Now, expand the USB Selective Suspend setting node.Set both the options to lớn Disabled.Click Apply, then OK khổng lồ save the changes.Restart your computer.

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9> Uninstall the Windows Update

If the “Unknown USB Device Descriptor Request Failed” error was caused after the recent Windows Update, we suggest you uninstall the Windows update from Settings.Hope this helps.

How vày I fix a USB device driver problem?

A driver problem occurs on a Windows computer when the device driver malfunctions or gets corrupted. When a device driver malfunctions, the device could not be able to communicate with the operating system. In most cases, the driver problem can be fixed either by updating the device driver or reinstalling it.

Should I disable USB Selective Suspend setting?

As described earlier in this article, the Selective Suspend setting allows Windows to suspend the USB device that is inactive for a specific time by reducing the power nguồn supply khổng lồ the USB port lớn which that device is connected. It does not affect the other USB ports.Generally, it is not recommended because after disabling this setting, all the USB ports start consuming an equal amount of nguồn which results in fast battery drain. But sometimes, the Selective Suspend setting causes some errors. In such a case, you can disable it.Related errors:Unknown USB Device, Port reset failed.Unknown USB Device, The device failed enumeration.

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