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They found a very well phased light curve with a period of about 14.8 days và an amplitude of 0.71 mag.
In lieu, the mag offers an interesting tài khoản of trying lớn nail down the untraditional star for some quotes.
When she fi nally snapped, "says the mag," she reportedly punched a tour backup dancer square in the face.
The serious business mags take on the annual task of rating the super-wealthy, the overachievers, the innovators and the young entrepreneurs.
The renewed interest in maturity comes at a time when old-media mags are feeling a return lớn their prime.
It works by mimicking mag stripe technology, meaning it shouldn"t even require updated hardware in most stores.
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basic medical treatment that is given lớn someone as soon as possible after they have been hurt in an accident or suddenly become ill

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