Ap(r) Environmental Science Crash Course, for the 2021 Exam, Book + Online: Get a Higher Score in Less Time (Advanced Placement (AP) Crash Course) (Paperback)


For the 2021 Exam

AP(R) Environmental Science Crash Course(R)

A Higher Score in Less Time

At REA, we invented the quick-review study guide for AP(R) exams. A decade later, REA"s Crash Course(R) remains the đứng top choice for AP students who want lớn make the most of their study time and earn a high score.Bạn đang xem: Frog crash r&b là gì

Here"s why more AP(R) teachers and students turn khổng lồ REA"s AP(R) Environmental Science Crash Course(R)

Expert Test-taking Strategies Our experienced AP(R) Environmental Science teacher shares detailed question-level strategies và explains the best way khổng lồ answer the multiple-choice và free-response questions you"ll encounter on thử nghiệm day. By following the expert tips & advice, you can boost your overall point score

Whether you"re cramming for the exam or looking to lớn recap and reinforce your teacher"s lessons, Crash Course(R) is the study guide every AP(R) student needs.

About the Author

About the Author

Gayle Evans is a lecturer & Science Master Teacher at the University of Florida"s School of Teaching and Learning. Her career includes 14 years at Gainesville (Fla.) High School, where she taught a wide range of science courses including AP(R) Environmental Science & AP(R) Biology.Ms. Evans earned her B.A. In Biology from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts & her M.Ed. In secondary science education from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

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She holds National Board Certification in Biological Sciences for Adolescents & Young Adults. Amy Fassler teaches AP(R) Environmental Science at Marshfield (Wisc.) High School, where she has taught science for 24 years.A former thành viên of both the College Board"s AP(R) Environmental Science test Development Committee & the Instructional kiến thiết Team for the course, she has served as an AP(R) Table Leader, AP(R) Question Leader, và AP(R) Reader.A lifelong advocate for environmental causes, she coaches the Science Olympiad Team at Marshfield High.Ms. Fassler holds a Master Educator License in environmental science, life science và chemistry. She earned her B.A. In biology & chemistry from black Hills State University and her M.A. In secondary science education from Viterbo University.