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He considers that, by and large, it was successful in accomplishing what its progenitors wanted it khổng lồ accomplish.
By and large, these therapeutic paradigms focused primarily on adults rather than children, although they expanded the possibilities for therapy with children.
Mayers mentions that other historians hold different views, but he refrains, by and large, from discussing these.
While there are minor differences in the conclusions of these reviews, by and large they are consistent with respect lớn several outcomes.
By and large, these rights are civil & formal-legal; the notion of "rights" lớn some đầu ra of social policy is alien and, when pressed, controversial.
Even the grammarians of the time by and large ignored the apostrophe as part of possessive constructions.
While this effort by and large succeeded, it came at the cost of lost momentum lớn advance new regulatory goals.
However, the inference methods invoked in this and similar learnability proofs are, by and large, computationally infeasible, requiring the learner lớn enumerate all possible languages.
This is, by and large, an effect of the local authorities" historical record of being untrustworthy.
Overwhelmingly young, talented and grateful for the opportunities the production provided, cast members by and large accommodated themselves to their director"s demands.
By and large, novel forms will be inflected in the same way as the words in the language they most resemble.

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basic medical treatment that is given to lớn someone as soon as possible after they have been hurt in an accident or suddenly become ill

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