Barrier Là Gì

a long pole, fence, wall, or natural feature, such as a mountain or sea, that stops people from going somewhere:

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used khổng lồ describe methods of preventing pregnancy that work by physically blocking sperm from coming into liên hệ with an egg:
anything used or acting to block someone from going somewhere or from doing something, or lớn block something from happening:
Jackie Robinson was the African-American who succeeded in breaking major league baseball’s color barrier (= use of race khổng lồ block something from happening).

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barrier (to sth) In an ideal world, there would be no barriers lớn the miễn phí movement of people between countries.

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barrier between sb/sth (and sb/sth) Lack of regular communication is named time & time again as the major barrier between management & employees.
The authors outlined recent trends in the political behaviour and organisation of seniors, the barriers khổng lồ senior representation, and the challenges for the future.
The possibilities và barriers of senior power nguồn are still very differently structured in different countries.
The older group were no more likely lớn mention health or disability barriers, or practical problems such as travel và parking.
An implication is that foreign and domestic barriers lớn agricultural trade are likely khổng lồ be an important determinant of the shadow price of water.
Because it is only barriers to communication that prevent agreement, it seems more natural to lớn describe this case as "impeded agreement" rather than disagreement.
In short, it would aim to do everything possible to offset the current barriers to lớn global environmental đơn hàng that apply at present.
The results from the household model give insight lớn the critical determinants of conservation agriculture adoption - and the potential barriers lớn the poor.
If this does not happen the organisation will over time, become stifled và inflexible with no additional benefit lớn be gained from these ineffective barriers.
Thus, in a two-dimensional population, barriers to gene flow can be detected through their effect on the spatial pattern of genetic marker alleles.